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New customers are just a click away

App available in the iPhone and Google Play Stores Feb 2019. To check availability in your area or for general inquiries see below for contact details.

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Savvy will change the way you connect with shoppers

Via our-user friendly App for iPhone and Android phones, we can introduce your business to thousands of new customers in your area, and give you the chance to promote exclusive deals and significantly grow your business. And with no lock in contracts, you're free to cancel anytime.

Important Notice: When visiting the site or app please be aware that the few adds you are viewing are for example purposes only at present; it is important to launch a complete supplier service to the public when all deals are in affect and the supplier network is complete. Although legitimate, these are examples from our trial area.

What's all the fuss?

Why businesses are getting so excited about getting Savvy.

Service the ever-growing Savvy Community

Savvy Suppliers are offered exclusivity within their chosen category. Savvy will employ methods of continually growing the Savvy Shopping Community and keeping the interest of existing service users with ever-changing offers from the network of suppliers as well as creative competitions, points of interest and providing 'real-time' local offers and important community information.

Literally thousands of new local customers

Thousands of local consumers will be introduced to Savvy Shopping by local Savvy Suppliers using all means available including data bases, newsletters, POS material, as positions are exclusive there's no 'conflict of interest'. Savvy Shopping's will undertake its own extensive local Social Media programs and have engaged the services of Fairfax media for local promotions.

A unique concept guaranteeing results

Savvy employs a results-oriented and strategic business model. We will deliver consumers the most rewarding shopping experience available and participating suppliers the best results possible. We are so confident of the outcome we offer you a free 'Proof of Concept' trial. This allows you to discover the power of Savvy Shopping before investing as a Savvy Supplier.

How It Works

Sign up

Step 1

Sign up with Savvy

Become a full member to eliminate the risk of missing out or take up our free one month trial. Then just enter a few basic details and you're almost there. One of the Savvy team will then be in touch to secure your place. Please prepare your artwork. we can assist.

Create your deals

Step 2

Create your deals

You can upload one exclusive deal each month. We'll then connect you and your offer to thousands of new customers. Because we can offer you the chance to talk to a guaranteed large, local audience, all we ask is that you put forward your best possible offer. Easy!

Watch your business grow

Step 3

Watch your business grow

Local customers will be notified of new offers in real-time, giving your business exposure to new, untapped markets. So instead of spending your hard earned money trying to find new customers, we'll do the hard work for you. You won't believe the results.

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The Savvy Buzz

Become a Supplier to the Savvy Shopping Community


Per Annum + $55 setup


Per Week Billed Monthly + $55 Setup

Savvy Suppliers Receive:

  • Exclusive placement within a high quality, user friendly, online consumer service
  • IPhone and Android App with deal notifications to consumers .
  • The chance to promote one offer every month
  • A guaranteed large, local audience
  • No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime.
  • First right of refusal for subsequent quarters
  • Savvy POS materials
  • Become a ‘Preferred Supplier’ to thousands of local consumers
  • Benefit from Savvy Shopping TV Ads as seen on billboard 
  • Benefit from Savvy Shopping Radio Ads Click here
  • Access to our powerful, local social networking platforms 
  • Run competitions for free
  • Navigate the consumer site
  • Monthly analytics reporting
  • The opportunity for front page major sponsorship
  • First offer for other Savvy Shopping Regions of interest

Secure your place as a paying member, and you'll be given full exclusivity and right of refusal ahead of businesses taking up our trial offer.

Get Started (Feb 2019)

Try Savvy For Free

If you don't want to jump in straight away, why not take Savvy for a quick spin before you sign up? With our one month free trial, you can see just how Savvy works and start to watch your sales grow

Just note, full paying business partners will be given preference and right of refusal ahead of businesses taking the free trial.

Sign up for one month free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is my commitment as a Savvy Supplier?

    All Savvy Shopping business partners must use all means available to introduce existing and new customers to Savvy Shopping. This can include using your database for sending email introductions, newsletters and messaging services. You'll also agree to use supplied Savvy POS material. For more details on this, have a look over the 'Savvy Supplier Terms and Conditions' online or included in your Memorandum of Understanding

  • 2. Would my participation as a Savvy Supplier be exclusive?

    Yes. Participation as a Savvy business partner is exclusive within reason. For instance, we would only allow one service station or pizza shop per suburb. Feel free to discuss any issue relating to exclusivity with our local Savvy agent for qualification prior to joining

  • 3. Can I negotiate a deal for multiple stores, even if each is in other Savvy Shopping areas?

    Yes, we are always prepared to negotiate a fair and equitable arrangement for multiple area or category participants

  • 4. Is my future and advantage secure as a local 'Savvy Supplier'?

    Absolutely. All existing paid 'Savvy Suppliers' are given 'first right of refusal' for subsequent quarters.

  • 5. Can I ever be replaced as the local Savvy Supplier against my wishes

    Yes. If your deal is deemed sub-standard or you fail to honour your offer you can be replaced by another Savvy Supplier.

  • 6. Why did the chicken cross the road

    An age-old question. but we're glad you asked. Just like the JFK assassination, there have been numerous conspiracy theories and opinions offered on this thought provoking matter. After many hours studying movements of a lone fowl on a road, we submit to you that the chicken was simply wandering aimlessly and just happened to arrive on the other side of the road. Which turns out to be sheer luck because upon further research, we also learned that chickens have no road sense, don't run very quickly and have a lot more feathers than you might expect. Once you've finished filling out the details below, one of the team will be in touch to confirm your registration and welcome you to Savvy. From there we'll then show you how to get started and upload your first exclusive offer, and send you your free Savvy POS materials.

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